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Hacktivity team


Attila Marosi-Bauer

CEO & Head of Program Committee

Attila has always worked in the information security field ever since he started in IT. As a lieutenant of active duty he worked for almost a decade on special information security tasks occurring within the Special Service for National Security. Later he was transferred to the newly established GovCERT-Hungary, which is an additional national level in the internationally known system of CERT offices. Now he works for the SophosLabs as a Senior Threat Researcher in the Emerging Threats Team to provide novel solutions for the newest threats, and he is the CEO and owner of Hacktivity.

Twitter: @0xmaro


Gábor Spitzhütel

Financial manager


Dániel Kloó

Communications manager

Daniel is a marketing professional, who previously worked for PSA Group & EmilFrey Hungary as a social media manager and for White Rabbit Advertising Agency as an account executive. Now he is the communications manager of Hacktivity Kft., the company which is responsible for organizing and managing Hacktivity.


Dr. Csaba Krasznay

Academic ambassador

Csaba Krasznay is the programme director of Cybersecurity Academy at National University of Public Service and Balabit's Security Evangelist. He is a member of board at the Hungarian E-government Association and Voluntary Cyberdefence Coalition. He received his MSc in 2003 in Electrical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and his PhD at National University of Public Service, where he’s an Assistant Professor, and conducts research on the security of e-government systems. He was elected to the “Most Influential IT Security Expert of the Year 2011”. He was one of the main organizers of Hacktivity in the 2000’s.


Peter Balogh

Infrastructure manager & technical expert

Peter started his career at military where he worked mostly as a programmer, but he was also responsible for designing and operating the HPC infrastructure. He has been working with GNU/Linux environment for more than 15 years, developing software, designing and operating increasingly large and complex systems. Now He works as an Infrastructure Engineer at one of the most successful Hungarian startups which was acquired.

Twitter: @cG9rZQo


Program committee


Zoltán Balázs

Zoltán Balázs graduated at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, finishing the Security of Infocommunication Systems specialization in 2006. He worked for some months at Citigroup Threat Assessment Center as an IT Security Analyst, also as an IT Security Expert at Erste Bank Hungary and as an IT Security team leader, still at Erste. He was member of the IT Security Team at Deloitte but he is currently working for MRG-EFFITAS as a CTO. His main competences are penetration testing, security monitoring and database security. One of Zoltán's hobbies is to solve and create hacking challenges. On ITSEC conferences he likes to present about malwares, IPv6, pass-the-hash, browser malwares.

Twitter: @zh4ck


Gábor Szappanos

Gábor Szappanos graduated from the Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest with degree in physics. His first job was in the Computer and Automation Research Institute, developing diagnostic software and hardware for nuclear power plants. He started antivirus work in 1995, and has been developing freeware antivirus solutions in spare time. He joined VirusBuster in 2001 where he was responsible for taking care of macro virus and script malware. Since 2002 he was the head of the virus lab. Between 2008 and 2016 he was a member of the board of directors in AMTSO (Anti Malware Testing Standards Organizations). In 2012 he joined Sophos as a Principal Malware researcher.

Twitter: @GaborSzappanos


Sándor Nemes

Sandor has spent several years working with Oracle databases and ERP systems as a software engineer. He later took the opportunity to jump to the field of IT security, and he joined the ranks of a large financial institution as an IT security expert. Currently he is a Senior Threat Researcher in the Dynamic Protection Team at SophosLabs, where he is mainly responsible for improving automated dynamic malware analysis systems.