Online purchasing information

Shopping Information

This Shopping Information provides information about the purchase of tickets sold by Hacktivity Rendezvényszervező Kft. (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) on the website referred to as the Website), methods of payment, complaints handling procedures and complaints as well as information about the Customer Service contact details.

  1. Details of the Service Provider

Name: Hacktivity Kft.
Registered address: 2143 Kistarcsa, Eperjesi u. 40/2
Mailing address: 2096 Üröm, József nádor u. 6. (for Marosi-Bauer Attila)
Represented by: Attila Marosi-Bauer
Company registration no.: 01-09-920588
Court of registration: Budapest Metropolitan Court as Court of Registration
Tax number: 14744655-2-13
E-mail address: info(at)hacktivity(dot)com
Phone (Customer Service): +36 70 507 5833 

  1. How To Shop

On this Website tickets are for sale for events organized by the Service Provider only.

Depending on which language the user selects in the upper right-hand corner of the Website (Hungarian/English), prices are in listed in EUR or Hungarian Forints and include VAT.

To buy tickets via the Website, customers should first register or click on the „Tickets” menu item in the menu of the Website, or click on any of the ticket categories on the homepage to start a purchase.

Please note! If a customer starts a purchase without registering first, the system, upon receiving the order, automatically creates a user account based on the data provided  by the customer. This is necessary as the purchased ticket will be uploaded by the Service Provider to the Customer’s user account once the price of the ticket has been transferred to its account.

During the purchase the customer must first choose the type of ticket they wish to buy. There are currently 4 types of tickets sold by the Service Provider: student, private individual, company and Hacktivity conference tickets.

Customers wishing to buy and use a student ticket must have a valid Hungarian student card. Please note! The user of the student ticket must bring the student card to the conference venue and show it upon entry. Only in compliance with the above can customers enter the venue using a student ticket.

Customers may buy a private individual ticket if they wish to attend the conference as a private individual.

If a company ticket is purchased, the Service Provider automatically issues a pro forma invoice for the price of the ticket in the name and address of the company.Upon receipt of the money, the Service Provider will send the electronic invoice by e-mail. Companies that need to receive an invoice instead of a pro forma invoice should indicate their request in the Comment field.

The “Hacktivity conference ticket two nights at a 5-star accommodation” offers entrance to the conference as well as accommodation for two nights at the five-star Aquincum Hotel Budapest.

After selecting the right type of ticket, the customer, if in possession of a valid registration, may log into their user account. If the customer has no valid registration, they may continue shopping without a registration.

Orders can be sent by the customer once the form on the ”Tickets” page has been filled in.


The following data must be filled in by the customer to place an order:


  • ·         Details of the ticket and its user

o   Surname

o   First name

o   E-mail

o   Coupon code (if any)

  • ·         Details of the buyer

o   Surname

o   First name

o   E-mail

o   Mobile phone (optional)

  • ·         Billing data

o   Company name (for companies)

o   Tax number (for companies)

o   Position (for companies, optional)

o   Country

o   Zip code

o   City

o   Address


To send an order, the customer must accept the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the House Rules of the conference.

On the same page the customer must select the method of payment: transfer in advance or payment by bank card using PayPal or the system of CIB Bank.

Before sending the order, the customer can write a message to the Service Provider by filling in the „Comment” field.

After providing the necessary data the customer can check the given information on the page „Checking your data” by clicking on the „Next” button. If an error is detected in the data, the customer should click on the button „Back to the details of the order” and can enter their data again. If the data are correct, the „Order” button should be clicked to send the order.

The customer is notified by the Service Provider about the completion of the order on the „Confirmation” page. This page will also show the ID number of the order which should be added to the comment field in the bank transfer if the customer has chosen to pay in advance by transfer.

The Service Provider will send a confirmation e-mail about the order to the customer that includes the data provided by the customer during the purchase and the registration (billing information), the ID number of the order, the date and time of the order, the list and number of the ordered tickets, the gross price per ticket and the final amount to be paid as well as the details of the Service Provider as the seller and information about when and how the user may receive the tickets.

As soon as the price of the ticket has been credited to its account, the Service Provider will upload the ticket to the customer’s user account. The customer must print this ticket in a way that the barcode and the code next to it are clearly visible and easily read.

The customer can attend the conference by showing this printed ticket.

  1. Payment Information

The customer must pay the price of the tickets by using the method of payment selected during the order.

Payment by bank card: Instant payment of the final amount of the service may be made through PayPal or the system of CIB Bank via Visa (Verified by Visa), Master Card (Master Card Secure Code) or Maestro cards. The system uses a secure channel  and is automated. The payment page uses 128-bit SSL encryption. Payment by card is only possible if the customer’s Internet browser supports SSL encryption. The amount paid as the price of the service will be immediately blocked on the user’s current account.

After sending the order, the system automatically re-directs the customer to the payment page of PayPal or CIB Bank. The customer must fill in the payment form on this payment page. All the necessary information are provided by the relevant payment service provider on the payment page. The customer then confirms the transaction and returns to the Website to receive a confirmation message about the completion of the transaction.

(For more information about payment through the payment system of CIB Bank please visit: )

Transfer in advance: If thecustomer chooses to transfer the money in advance, the ID number for the order must always be entered into the comment field of the transfer. The transfer must be made to the Service Provider’s bank account with K&H Bank, bank account no.: 10401055-50526977-86481000.


For more information about the rules of payment, please read the General Terms and Conditions on the Website.


  1. Complaints and Complaints Handling

Users may submit their complaints about the product or the Service Provider’s activity via the following contacts:

Mailing address:  1039 Budapest, Juhász Gyula utca 58. 1.em. 4.
Phone: +36 70 507 5833

In the event the customer makes a verbal complaint, the Service Provider, if possible, will immediately remedy it. If the verbal complaint may not be addressed immediately because of the nature of the complaint or because the customer does not agree with the handling of the complaint, the Service Provider will make a written record of the complaint (to be retained for five years, along with its response to the complaint).

In case of verbal complaints made by telephone or via other electronic means of telecommunication, the Service Provider will at the latest send a copy of the recorded complaints together with its response.

In all other cases the Service Provider will act in accordance with the rules governing written complaints.

Complaints recorded by telephone or other means of telecommunication will be given a unique ID number by the Service Provider to facilitate the their later retrieval.

The Service Provider will respond to written complaints within 30 days. Pursuant to this Agreement a response means delivery by post in this case.

In case of a rejection of the complaint, the Service Provider will notify the customer of the reasons for the rejection.

In the event a consumer dispute between the Service Provider and the customer cannot be settled through talks with the Service Provider, the user has the following options to enforce their rights:

- Making a complaint at the Authority of Consumer Protection,

- Initiating a procedure at the Arbitration Board

Budapest Arbitration Board
Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.
Phone: +36-1-488-2131
Fax: +36-1-488-2186

- Initiating court proceedings.

  1. Right of Withdrawal

As tickets purchased via the Website are deemed as an agreement for a service linked to a leisure activity for which a specific date or deadline has been set in the agreement, the Customer may not exercise their right of withdrawal with regard to the ticket in accordance with Section (1) l) of Paragraph 29 of Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.).

  1. Customer Service Contact Details

The Service Provider’s contact details are included in Section 1. The Service Provider may be contacted by customers through its Customer Service.

Opening hours:          

  • Monday: 10.00-18.00                             
  • Tuesday: 10.00-18.00
  • Wednesday: 10.00-18.00
  • Thursday: 10.00-18.00
  • Friday: 10.00-18.00